March 22, 2020

US cases top 32,000 as New York governor estimates 40% to 80% of state will get coronavirus

At least 400 people have died due to the novel coronavirus in the United States, another grim milestone as the number of US cases topped 32,000 on Sunday.

Almost half of those cases -- 15,168 -- were in New York state, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday morning that an estimated 40% to 80% of residents could get the coronavirus over the course of the pandemic.

Source: CNN

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Cases in N.Y.C. Near 4,000; Brooklyn Count Soars: Live Updates

A surge in new infections coincided with an increase in testing capacity in New York State, and Connecticut delayed its primary.

Right Now New York City hospitals will run out of crucial supplies in the coming weeks without new shipments, including three million specialized N95 masks.

Here’s what you need to know:
  • A jump in testing yields a spike in new cases.
  • As cases spike, medical supplies are in desperate need, mayor says.
  • About half of those infected in New York City are under 50.
  • Connecticut is latest state to push off its primary.
  • Four people from one New Jersey family were killed by the virus.

Source: The New York Times

March 13, 2020

New York has officially surpassed Washington State with the most COVID-19 cases in the country, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

The announcement came on the second day of New Rochelle’s one-mile containment zone. The town's Glen Island Park has been taken over by technician's who have converted into the state’s first drive-through testing site.

Westchester County residents can now be "swabbed" for Coronavirus without even leaving their cars. The state has plans to create more diagnostic facilities soon.