January 18, 2021

Governor Cuomo - Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines Directly from Pfizer

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today issued a letter to Pfizer Chairman and CEO Dr. Albert Bourla asking for the ability to purchase COVID-19 vaccines directly from Pfizer, as the company is not bound by commitments that Moderna made under Operation Warp Speed.

Governor Cuomo today announced eight community vaccination kits have been deployed to churches and cultural institutions in New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

Governor Cuomo announced a proposal to boost partial Unemployment Insurance benefits to New Yorkers who return to work part-time as part of the 2021 State of the State.

Source: www.governor.ny.gov/news

January 11, 2021

Governor Cuomo Outlines 2021 Agenda

In 11th State of the State Address, Governor Advances Bold Agenda to Defeat COVID-19, Begin Jumpstarting New York's Economic Resurgence, and Create a Safer, More Just State.

Cuomo: "Do you remember last spring? Do you remember what New Yorkers did in their darkest hour? I will never forget it. When COVID ambushed New York and we went from one case to hundreds of cases in a matter of days. When sirens filled the night, stillness and mass graves were dug on Hart Island. When fear gripped New Yorkers like a vise. When global experts told us there was no way we could slow the spread. But New Yorkers said yes we could and yes we would. New Yorkers united and rose to the occasion. That is New York at her best - that is the New York miracle.

"Time and again we have heard the voices of doubt and defeat. The state can't do a budget on time. We can't enact common sense gun safety, we can't pass marriage equality, we can't raise the minimum wage, we can't fix subway tunnels, we can't build a new Tappan Zee Bridge, we can't turn around the Buffalo economy, we can't end the AIDS epidemic, we can't provide free college tuition for the middle class, we can't construct a new Penn train hall. But they were wrong. We did. That is what we mean when we say New York tough."

Source: www.governor.ny.gov/news

January 04, 2021

Governor Cuomo Announces UK Strain of COVID-19

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the first confirmed case of the UK strain of COVID-19 virus has been detected in Saratoga Springs. The new strain was detected by the Department of Health's Wadsworth laboratory as part of the state's UK strain testing program. The strain was traced back to an individual affiliated with a Saratoga Springs jewelry store - N. Fox Jewelers located on 404 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY - and all individuals who visited the store from December 18 through December 24 are encouraged to contact the Department of Health and receive a COVID-19 test immediately.

The Governor remarked: "As you know, the State Department of Health has been aggressively looking for the UK strain of COVID, and we're doing more testing than any state in the country and we're doing more testing for the UK strain. The Wadsworth lab confirmed a case of the UK strain in Saratoga County, New York. It's a gentleman who is in his 60s. He was symptomatic, but he is on the mend and he's doing better. He did not travel recently, so this suggests that it's in the community, it was community spread as opposed to having traveled to the UK, et cetera. He's affiliated with a jewelry store in Saratoga. The sample was originally done in Saratoga Hospital and then was one of the samples that Wadsworth received as part of their UK testing program. There are 3 other cases in the jewelry store. We don't know if they are the UK strain of COVID, we're testing for them now. So, Wadsworth will run those, but we have 3 other people in the jewelry store who did test positive for COVID. The store was closed from December 24th through today, but we want people who visited the store from December 18th until the store closed on December 24th to get a test. The name of the store is "N" as in Nancy - N. Fox Jewelers. It's located at 404 Broadway in Saratoga Springs."

"So, if you went to the N. Fox Jewelers store in Saratoga Springs from December 18th through December 24th you should contact us and get a test immediately. From a public health point of view now it's about contact tracing, and this UK strain is reported to be 70 percent more contagious than the normal COVID strain. So, we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to do effective contact tracing on this case. And we're going through the employees of the jewelry store, but as it was a retail establishment we need the cooperation of the public. With that, I'm joined by Dr. Zucker, and Melissa DeRosa, and Robert Mujica, and Beth Garvey, and Gareth Rhodes. We will take questions at this point. You know that the UK strain is technically the B117 strain, and it's been identified in California, Colorado, Florida and 33 countries. And my guess is the states that are effective at looking for it will find it.".

Source: www.governor.ny.gov/news

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