June 01, 2020

As Protesters Gather, U.S. Officials Worry About a Second Virus Wave

After a fourth night of crowded and chaotic protests in New York City against racism and deadly police brutality, the mayor and the governor voiced strong concerns Monday that the demonstrations could set off a second wave of coronavirus infections.


May 24, 2020

Gov. Cuomo says NY coronavirus hospitalizations, death toll have increased

New coronavirus hospitalizations and the daily death toll have ticked up slightly, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday — troubling blips amid the disease’s overall decline.

“The number of deaths ticked up, which is terrible news, but the overall line is still good,” the governor said.

Overall, 361,515 people have now tested positive for the virus statewide, and 23,391 confirmed deaths have been reported — though the number of presumed fatalities, in which the deceased displayed telltale signs of COVID-19 but was never officially tested, is at least in four-digits.


Video: Proper Hand-washing

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