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Q. Why should I take my courses with A1ceus.com (Above All Academics, Inc.)?
A. As a NY State authorized course provider, we offer great value with our secure, high-tech and user friendly online learning experience. Our Child Abuse and Infection Control courses meet NY State professional licensing requirements; and our other courses, such as Sexual Harassment meet NY State training requirements in the workplace mandated by law.
Q. Will I get a discount when I take courses like infection control more than once?
A. Yes, of course! You can use the same user account for re-certification courses, which will be deeply discounted. Simply contact us via our Contact Us page for details.
Q. Will I get a certificate in the mail?
A. No. You print out an official certificate immediately following completion of your coursework. If you do not have a working printer available, you may also click to print and then choose the SAVE option and print it at your convenience. Email receipt is also an option, or you may log back in at any time during your course subscription period to get more copies and print when you are ready.
Q. What do I do with the certificate you provide?
A. Our certificates come with an instruction page, which include the Office of the Professions Licensing Division mailing address. Note that we offer an electronic submission option for our Child Abuse Awareness course, in addition to the mail-in option. NY state does not want course completion information submitted to them for the Infection Control (IC) course. They only want you to maintain a copy of your IC certificate in the event the state requests proof of completion.
Q. Do you offer live courses?
A. Unfortunately, we do not. We recognize that there are some people who prefer the face-to-face, personal instruction method, however we can tell you that most of the people who take these as live workshops do it for one of only two reasons - they do not have access to a working computer or it is being offered free of charge by an employer.
Q. How does this course compare to live courses or similar ones offered by other providers?
A. It's better! Our infection control training contains material not found elsewhere. We have reviewed courses offered by the competition and they are nothing less than dangerous. By providing inappropriate and incomplete training and awarding certificates for it, these other providers are putting you and your patients at serious risk! Infectious diseases kill tens of thousands of people in the US every year, and taking our course will help make sure that you, your loved ones, co-workers and clients avoid getting infected. Furthermore, we do not play any "tricks" on our customers like other providers. Some other sites out there have expiration dates, charge extra for certificates, give impossible-to-pass tests or play other games to make you pay more money - you won't find out they have tricked you until it is too late. No games or tricks here, just valuable training at a bargain price. We are so sure that our course is better than all the others that we offer a full money-back 90-day guarantee!
Q. Is there any type of guarantee?
A. Yes, there is! No questions asked and hassle-free. If, within the first 90 days you decide that you will find a better course elsewhere and you do not finish our course, we will refund your money. Just send us an email with your information and we will issue you a refund.
Q. Can large organizations, hospitals or schools get a discount?
A. Yes, call or email and tell us how many people you have. We are happy to help and currently work with many large groups. We can even arrange for your school to have its own private training customized to your needs.
Q. Where can I find the New York Workplace Sexual Harassment Training required by October 2018 for all employees?

A. Our Course Catalog offers the two-hour minimum interactive training class for Prevention of Sexual Harassment for employees, businesses, managers, supervisors, state agencies, state contractors, sub-contractors, legislative members, applicants, vendors, interns, volunteers or fellowship members.

Q. Can I also use a course for CE/CEU purposes?

A. Our courses are for meeting NY state professional licensing purposes. The state may consider using the same course for both professional licensing and CE/CEU requirements as "double dipping". That being said, although we guarantee that our courses meet NY state professional licensing requirements, you can also ask the governing body of your profession if it will also be accepted as a CE/CEU.

Q. FRANCIS SCHOOL: Did you take the School Violence Prevention and Intervention (aka SAVE or SVPI) or Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse, Maltreatment and Neglect (mandated workshop), also known as Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) at the Francis School ? Did you lose your certificates and are looking for duplicates?

A. Unfortunately, duplicate certificates or copies are not available here for those who completed training at Francis School, but we have good news for you! We can refer you to a site that keeps PERMANENT records. The bad news is that you will have to repeat that training, BUT you will receive a substantial discount if you use the code REVIEW during your registration. Once you take any course at www.violenceworkshop.com, your training information is kept on file permanently through Perma-Cert and you can also upload your completion data to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) right from their site!

Sexual Harassment Training is now mandated training in New York State. We have also supplied a wealth of free information below that will help explain the new laws and what is expected of employers and employees. Our Sexual Harassment Training course provides a certificate of valid proof that the training was completed. We plan to offer the course in Spanish as well.

Sexual Harassment Training law preview and information: New York Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Preview and General Information.

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