FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why should I take my courses with A1ceus.com?
A. Simple. We combine low price with high tech for the perfect online learning situation.
Q. Will I get a discount when I take courses like infection control more than once?
A. Yes, of course! As long as you use the same email address, your account will be recognized and future re-certification courses will be deeply discounted.
Q. Will I get a certificate in the mail?
A. No. You print out an official certificate immediately following completion of your coursework. If you do not have a working printer available, you may also click to print and then choose the SAVE option and print it at your convenience. Email receipt is also an option, or you may log back in at any time to get more copies and print when you are ready.
Q. What do I do with the certificate you provide?
A. Most people take this course for certification in infection control for New York State. Certificates must be sent to the NYS Education Department at 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234 to the attention of the Office of the Professions Licensing Division.
Q. Do you offer live courses?
A. Unfortunately, we do not. We recognize that there are some people who prefer the face-to-face, personal instruction method, however we can tell you that most of the people who take these as live workshops do it for one of only two reasons - they do not have access to a working computer or it is being offered free of charge by an employer.
Q. How does this course compare to live courses or similar ones offered by other providers?
A. It's better! Our infection control training contains material not found elsewhere. We have reviewed courses offered by the competition and they are nothing less than dangerous. By providing inappropriate and incomplete training and awarding certificates for it, these other providers are putting you and your patients at serious risk! Infectious diseases kill tens of thousands of people in the US every year, and taking our course will help make sure that you, your loved ones, co-workers and clients avoid getting infected. Furthermore, we do not play any "tricks" on our customers like other providers. Some other sites out there have expiration dates, charge extra for certificates, give impossible-to-pass tests or play other games to make you pay more money - you won't find out they have tricked you until it is too late. No games or tricks here, just valuable training at a bargain price. We are so sure that our course is better than all the others that we offer a full money-back 90-day guarantee!
Q. Is there any type of guarantee?
A. Yes, there is! No questions asked and hassle-free. If, within the first 90 days you decide that you will find a better course elsewhere and you do not finish our course, we will refund your money. Just send us an email with your information and we will issue you a refund.
Q. Can large organizations, hospitals or schools get a discount?
A. Yes, call or email and tell us how many people you have. We are happy to help and currently work with many large groups. We can even arrange for your school to have its own private training customized to your needs.

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